Message One: Need for Leads

When we witness failures in church leaders it's tempting to think we should just go it alone, i.e. all I need is my Bible, I follow Jesus so I don't need a church. But Jesus called the apostles and set up church leadership! So let's look at what He can teach us. In this series we're returning to 1 Timothy, but for this message we'll start with Acts 20:17-35.

Saturday June 12 1st-5th Grade

Bring your blasters and we'll supply the darts.

Membership Class starts June 16

7pm Online • Wednesdays June 16 & 23

Thinking about making Olive Branch your church? Come learn where we've been, where we're headed, and where you may fit in.

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June 27 & 28 Auditions

To be perfomed in December

COVID postponed this production for over a year, but we're starting again. For a list of available roles and more information, contact Stephan Oldham.

Fundraiser Wednesday

2-8pm The Crossings

Help our youth go to summer camp.

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June 13 Promotions

All ages move up to their 2021-22 grade.

Jr High & High School Camps

HS Camp July 5-9

JH Camp July 19-22


OBCC members* vote on the fiscal 2021-2022 budget and officers. Please talk with an elder prior to June 27 if you have questions, as the meeting is for completing ballots only. They can be reached at

*have completed the class and commitment form, and are on a serving team or pursuing serving on a new team, having recently served.

Scott & Casey Update

We would love your prayers for favor with the adoption board and immigration officials. Although an extra few months is not a long time to wait in the grand scheme of things, we know it would be best for our son to be in our care during that time rather than to remain in the orphanage....We each study Thai a couple hours most days of the week with a tutor. Although tiring on the brain, it's going well. They also included several praises and prayer requests. Subscribe to their newsletter.

June Newsletter

Read the praises for donations and needs met as well as what's ahead for this month.

June 1 newsletter
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