101: The Giver

In this series we are going to examine the spiritual gifts found in the Bible. Perhaps you have no idea what they are. Maybe you have had an odd experience with them. Have you been taught the time for spiritual gifts, or at least some of them, is over? You may be open to them, but have never experienced them. Well let's learn about them together. Welcome to class!

Starts Sunday February 21

Online at 4pm for 10 weeks

New to faith? Want to learn about the character of God? Just have questions? Come explore with us.

Starts Sunday March 14

11am for 5 Sundays

Learn how to honor God in how you use your time, talents, influence and resources.

Membership Class starts March 21

In person at 9am Sundays March 21 & 28

Come learn where we've been, where we're headed and where you fit in. Our membership class is part group session, part "homework."

February 26/27 JH & HS

Since we can't go to camp, we are bringing this Winter Blast to our campus. Invite your friends; it's not just for OB youth.

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Be baptized February 28

Click below to learn more or to sign up. Questions? Contact Pastor Brent.

This month

Quick Facts
-Population: 273,401,000
-Primary Religion: Islam 82%
-Evangelical Christian: 3%
-# of People groups: 789
-# of Unreached people group: 236
-Capital city: Jakarta
-Language: Bahasa Indonesian
Prayer Requests
• Pray for the gospel to spread across Indonesia and the 6,000 inhabited islands.
• Pray for a revival among Indonesian Christians and that the local church would grow in Christ.
• Pray for local believers to be bold in sharing their faith with Muslim friends and family.
• Pray for the missionaries using English corners as a ministry tool to reach students with the gospel.
• Pray that dreams and visions come to many people in Indonesia that cause them to seek the truth of Christ.

Lydia Update

Thank you to everyone who prayed for...my wedding!.... every aspect of the day was absolutely perfect....we will head back...in early to mid-February to reengage with work, life, and ministry.....Please pray for wisdom and God’s guidance on learning a new married life, work, and ministry balance. To receive updates and prayer requests, email her.

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