First Sunday In Lent

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Welcome- we are glad you have chosen to worship with us today!

If you are visiting with us (even digitally), we hope you feel welcome! If you need assistance of any kind we would invite you to use the "contact us” link on our website and we will be happy to partner with you as we navigate these unique times and seek peace, purpose and the presence of our Loving, Creator God. #separatednotseparate

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Psalm Reading from Psalm 25:1-10 (CEB)

Epistle Reading from 1 Peter 3:18-22 (CEB)

His Word For Today from Mark 3:1-6 (CEB)

Sermon: “Post-Covid Speculations #1: Our Response"

Pastor John

Celebration of Communion

TODAY’S COMMUNION: While we will continue our fast of Communion for the time being, we would direct your attention to those gathered with us (with you) today, and invite you to receive their presence as the Presence of Christ among us. May our gathering today (collective or separated- we remain the Body of Christ) bring you to praise & thanks for the many ways God is reflected among us!

TODAY’S OFFERING: As we worship together today, we would direct your attention in giving to the boxes attached to the back walls for any donations (in an effort to minimize health risks, we will not be passing the collection plates today among those in attendance), as well as invite you to utilize these online giving links whether you are in attendance today or viewing elsewhere:

On-line giving details and a link can be found at this direct online link (preferred).

Through Venmo.

Through Paypal.

Or By Mail:

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St. Paul’s Soup Kitchen

Monday, February 22nd at 4:30PM

Tomorrow evening we will be volunteering at St. Paul’s Soup Kitchen located at the Eliot Church in Lowell. To help us prepare, serve or clean up following the meal, please contact Jeff Sr. or Paul A. and they can provide you with all the details (plus changes and requirements).

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Dr. John V. Megyesi,
Sr. Pastor & Lead Follower

Eddie J. Cajina,
Connections Pastor

Kim Ho,
Cambodian Ministries Pastor

Marcos Rodrigues de Melo,
Brazilian Ministries Pastor

All God's People,