Women's Bible Study 2/27

Join the women of 99.1 either online or in person at CCOT in Orange for our our bi-weekly study in Kay Smith's book, Reflecting God. For more information feel free to reach out to Emily Yost at 818-419-4688.

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Meeting ID: 859 5193 0440

Men's Bible Study 3/2

Join the men of 99.1 as we make our way through The Truth Project. All men are invited to join us at Pastor Marty's Home located at: 3478 E. Elm Street, Brea, CA 92823 at 7pm.

Prayer Requests

Here are the prayer requests from this week:

1. Pray for our nation and our church family as a whole to protect, heal and provide for each one. The enemy is hard at work and we need intercessors!

2. Pray for your Pastor, as he covets your prayers, during our in-person AND online church services. Pray the Lord touches the hearts of our church family, calming hearts and reminding them to not neglect the importance of gathering together (Hebrews 10:25). Pray for the Lord's wisdom for your Pastor.

3. Pray for the servants of 99.1 who assist Pastor Marty week over week in the preparation of our virtual services--Craig Harrington, Will Troncoso, Jessica Cordero, Johnny Salgado, Joe Batta, Tim Vila, Kathy Davis, Vince Trujillo and Leah Trujillo (Boise Bunch).

4. Pray for Shalia Gibson. She has come to our Women's Retreats. She is the individual who adopted baby Kyle and received a new kidney after more than 20 years of dialysis. She lost her mother to a long battle with heart disease this past Monday. Pray for comfort and direction for the family.

5. Pray for Krissy Troncoso's brother, Bobby. He is back in a safe place--jail! He goes before a judge on Monday. Please pray the judge sees what Bobby is doing to himself and keeps him in jail for a while. Pray for her sister, Kim to come to know the Lord. Also, pray for baby Danielle in Krissy's womb. Pray the Lord protects her and grows her strong and ready to enter this world in the Spring.

6. Please continue to pray for Jonnet Yates-Harrington who is home recovering. Pray the Lord COMPLETELY heals her body. She is at home and resting.

7. Continue to pray for Weston Stack who is still home recovering.

8. Pray Stephanie Kuhlman's job environment. Pray the Lord protects her.

9. Pray for the family of Pastor Bob Reeve from Pastor Marty and Emily's former church. He has passed away from COVID-19. Pray for comfort for his family and church family.

10. Continue to pray for Rebecca, Gavin and Emily. They are having a hard time in New York. Between the isolation and the loss of their car, they are struggling emotionally. Although they have been told that they must be out of their place February 16th, the Lord continues to protect them. They are still safe in their same home--for now. Pray the Lord provides them a new safe place to land. Pray for reconciliation for she and Michael, as he is considering moving there to be with them.

11. Pray Angela Batta's son Fisher who is newly clean. Pray the Lord continues to move in his life. His court date has been moved to after the first of the year and it is a good thing! The laws are changing and he may benefit from those new changes. Pray that Fisher continues to reach out to the Lord and find wisdom in those decisions. ALSO, pray for Angela's foot. She has been told she will need surgery. She is seeking a second opinion, as this would mean VERY limited movement for about 10 weeks. Please pray!

12. Continue to pray for Michelle Rios and Darlene Fowler who lost their husbands to COVID recently. Pray for the Lord's comfort. Michelle wishes to thank the church family for your prayers and support.

13. Pray for protection and provision for all of those from 99.1 who will be moving to Boise, ID to plant a new church. Please also pray for those who will be remaining in California. They will need the Lord's guidance and provision. Pray that until the time comes that the Lord moves this church, that all the church family stays close and continues to come to church for the word of God.

14. Pray for Calvary Chapel Old Towne who is mourning the loss of one of their church family who died of COVID a few weeks ago. Pray the Lord comforts the family. Pray for the video they created on behalf of 99.1--that it reach the correct people within their church body who have been prayerfully considering a move to Idaho.

15. Pray for the "Boise Bunch." Pray for the new people who are planning to come this week to service. Pray the Lord makes them feel His presence in our little satellite church service. Pray for unity of the believers there.

16. Pray for the couple who joined us at church this past Sunday. Pray the Lord speaks to their heart and they return.

17. Pray for Anthony Salgado who leaves for Army Boot Camp on Monday (his parents drop him off Sunday at noon). Pray for his protection, guidance and to meet amazing friends who know and love the Lord.

This request comes from Melissa Hurtado who works with Emily. She is asking for prayers for her Dad. He had a stroke a few weeks back and PRAISE GOD he is alive. He is home. The stroke did have an affect on his mental state. He continues to do therapy to begin this new chapter in his life. We know our God is a healer so please pray the Lord RESTORES his mind. Pray for strength for his wife and family. They are with him 24/7 ensuring every need he has is met.

18. Please pray for Carrie Jones Vela and her husband who have been recovering from COVID. Ruben was rushed to the ER again with rapid weight loss and high blood sugars. They were able to get his numbers down, but he is now on insulin. Please pray the Lord heals him.

21. Pray for Bill Stockwell and Katy Foster who lost their friend John Davies. You'll recall that Pastor Marty was able to see him in the hospital the night before he passed, but they are grieving his loss. Three days later, John's long time girlfriend died in the same hospital. Please pray the Lord uses this mightily in the lives of John's family and closest friends.

If you have prayer needs, please send an email to 991calvarychapel@gmail.com. We'll keep updating them.

Do you or someone you know need prayer?

We want to pray for you! There is power in prayer. Please email 991calvarychapel@gmail.com or call/text Pastor Marty at 818-425-5707. Please let us know if we can share this prayer need with the congregation. We have some mighty prayer warriors in this church!

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