Common Time

Morning Worship Celebration- LFC@home edition, is posted weekly at 10:45am on our Facebook (FB) page & on our YouTube page (please note, you do not need a personal FB page or YouTube account to join us- any web browser can take you there from a search for “Lowell First Church” or you can find a direct link at the bottom of our website).

Welcome- we are glad you have chosen to worship with us today!

If you are visiting with us (even digitally), we hope you feel welcome! If you need assistance of any kind we would invite you to use the "contact us” link on our website and we will be happy to partner with you as we navigate these unique times and seek peace, purpose and the presence of our Loving, Creator God. #separatednotseparate

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Psalm Reading from Psalm 145:8-14 (CEB)

Old Testament Reading from Song of Songs 2:8-13 (CEB)

His Word For Today from Matthew 11:25-30 (CEB)

Sermon: ”Gracious Revelations"

Pastor John

Celebration of Communion

While we are separated, may we invite you to consider our connectedness this Sabbath by having at least one meal together with those in your household. If you live alone, may you feel encouraged to call someone before your meal and share a prayer of “grace” with them (tell them your pastors made you ;). A possible prayer- an old Wesleyan meal prayer:

“Lord Jesus be our holy guest, Our morning joy, our evening rest. And with our daily bread impart, Love & peace to every heart. Amen."

Brazilian Ministry

It is official! During our Church Board meeting last evening, our support was formalized for the new work of a daughter congregation to the Brazilian Community around us. How exciting! We officially welcome Pastor Marcos de Melo (and his beautiful wife, Sigrid, and their two sons, David & Jonathan) as our new pastor to our PAC Church (parent-affiliated congregation), Missão Brasileira Nazarene em Lowell Massachusetts. To God be the Glory! As you can imagine, COVID-19 has created a significant decrease in resources for LFC during this time, but since we believe that you may very well be the partners' God had in mind for us so that we could accomplish this monumental Kingdom work, we wanted to share with you that “Brazilian Mission” has also been added to our LFC e-Giving catalog should you feel led. It can be accessed by clicking donate below.

2020-2021 Church Elections

Sunday, September 6th before/after morning service

*Please note that this date is subject to change

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LFC Building

Through August 1st, the Church Office is closed and all services and activties are cancelled. *Subject to change.


Crisis Care Kit Item: Shampoo (12-18oz)

*Please hold these items until we return.


Open Pantry Item: Cereals

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Dr. John V. Megyesi,
Sr. Pastor & Lead Follower

Andie Avram,
Associate Pastor

Kim Ho,
Cambodian Ministries Pastor

Marcos Rodrigues de Melo
Brazilian Ministries Pastor

All God's People,