Common Time, September 22nd

Morning Worship Celebration

Welcome- we are glad you have chosen to worship with us today!

If you are visiting with us, we hope you feel welcome. If you need assistance of any kind, including finding a nursery or restroom, one of our ushers are ready to help you.

One way you can help us is by completing the "Hello, are you new here today?" questionnaire on the right side of our bulletin tab on our app or by filling out a "Welcome Card" (found in the seatback before you), placing it in the offering plate as it comes by you later. Also, there’s a guestbook under the Welcome sign in the foyer as well as a small gift for you. Thank You!

Scripture Reading from Psalm 79:9 (CEB)

found on page 455 in the Sanctuary Bibles

His Word For Today from Acts 17:28 (CEB)

found on page 847 in the Sanctuary Bibles

Sermon: 4-Part Prayer Series: Convicting Comfort"

Pastor John

Celebration of Communion

*gluten-free bread & non-alcoholic wine is used in our weekly celebration

St. Paul’s Soup Kitchen

Tomorrow evening, Monday, September 23rd, we will be volunteering at St. Paul’s Soup Kitchen located at the Eliot Church in Lowell. To help us prepare, serve or clean up following the meal, please contact Pastor Tom at the Church Office for time. Volunteers are always welcome!

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Caravan is our church scouting program on Wednesday evenings and is open to everyone. Click "more info" below!

Sept. is Pastor Appreciation Month!
Alabaster Sunday

Sunday, Sept. 29th

Crisis Care Kit

Sept. Item: Fingernail Clipper

Open Pantry of Greater Lowell

Sept. Item: Macaroni and Cheese

Lowell First Church of the Nazarene
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Ph: (978) 453-1063
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Rev. Dr. John V. Megyesi,
Sr. Pastor & Lead Follower

Rev. Andie Avram,
Associate Pastor

Rev. Tom Quattrociocchi,
Compassionate Care Pastor

Rev. Kim Ho,
Cambodian Ministries Pastor

All God's People,