Can't Wait to See YOU Sunday

Each time we gather our goal is to connect with God, bringing Him honor through worship, and to be challenged by His Word. Our goal each week is to create an atmosphere where people can experience Jesus and see their lives changed forever by His presence. Make sure that you come with expectancy in your heart, believing that God's best is in store each week. After our time of worship, Pastor Thompson will be sharing a life-giving word that you won't want to miss. We can't wait to see you at church this Sunday!

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New Series Begins Next Week

Beginning next Sunday, May 26th, we are starting a three-week series called MASTERMIND.

The reality is we are controlled by our thinking - many of us are held prisoner to our thoughts - those voices in our head telling us to worry, to be afraid, that we aren't good enough or that we'll never change. These are lies that we believe as truth and they affect how we live.

But Paul, in the Bible, tells us to take every thought captive and make it obedient to the truths of Christ and His Word. That tells me that there must be a better way to think.

Our thoughts are more than a reaction to what's happening in our lives - they're actually a powerful force for shaping who we are and who we can become. Change your thinking and you can change your life.

Invite your friends to join you for this three week journey as we strive to change the way we think - to master our minds - to make every thought obedient to Christ. Join us for MASTERMIND!


This Sunday, May 19th, we will offer STEP THREE in our growth track beginning at 10 am in Room 12 Upstairs. If you've been considering membership OR you'd like to know more about getting involved here at LC, it would be a great time to get started. This class is designed to help you learn more about the critical habits of a succesful Christian and how you can discover a path of growth and maturity.

As a church we believe the most effective way to truly be a part is to discover your gifts and find a way to use them in the local church. The GROWTH TRACK at LC is a great way to do that in four classes. Come and be a part of this series and find how you can get involved right away.

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